Understanding the Child Care Look-Up Tool

Non-Compliances- This is the main item you will want to look at. This outlines where the program is not meeting licensing standards. The type of non-compliances may range from Child Discipline to Administration Records.

Non-Compliances to look for- (I have selected these as the ones I think are very serious, but you can make your own judgements here-)

Child Discipline – reasonable in the circumstances, deny or threaten to deny any basic necessity, inflict physical punishment, verbal or physical degradation or emotional deprivation

Day Care Program – program in keeping with the needs of children

Minimum staffing and general supervision – children at all times supervised

Ratios and Maximum Group Size – minimum primary staff member to child ratio

Follow Up to Enforcement Action- This means a non-compliance was found, and a follow-up visit scheduled for another inspection. There may be more non-compliances found on this follow-up visit.

Inspection- This is a visit from a licensing officer. This may be announced or unannounced.

Renewal Licence Inspection- This happens every 3 years. The program is fully reviewed on areas from philosophy to floor space and everything in between. This is regulated under the childcare licensing act.

Consultation- This is an opportunity for programs to ask questions of their licensing officer to improve their program

Incident Report- You will see the term Incident Report on many of the programs. It sounds a little scary but certain occurrences must be reported to Licensing. This is so that these incidents can be properly investigated and safety plans put in place. The important part again is to look for non-compliances.  Have more questions about what this means?

Complaint Investigation- Anyone can register a complaint with Child Care Licensing, which will then be investigated. This helps to keep all children safe.

Still, have questions? Book an online consultation with me (Rachael) and I will explain it.

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