Inclusive Halloween for Children with Allergies


Halloween is a fun time of year, children love to dress up and play pretend. Unfortunately it is also a risky time for children with food allergies.

Please consider having non food items available for trick or treaters with allergies. Food Allergy Canada has free posters you can display to indicate you have treats for children with allergies.
You can also paint your pumpkin a teal colour as part of an initiative to raise awareness about including children with allergies.

For parents with children who have allergies, or just want to reduce their child’s sugar consumption, please prepare your children ahead of time. Try a strategy such as the “switch witch” who trades out candies for a special toy.

Candies that are not eaten (after Dad takes his 10% tax cut -not just my dad right?) can be donated to food banks or even seniors homes.

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!


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