We ask that you come in and spend some time in our centre and experience it yourself.

It is our belief that each family is unique and therefore has different needs. The age of your child and the developmental stage of your child are just the beginning of what determines your family’s requirements.

In order to meet your needs and create a package that is unique to your family we ask that you contact one of our Directors. They will set up a time for you to tour our facility, meet our staff, see how our program operates, and observe your child interacting with the environment.

When you come into the centre, our Director will discuss your needs and the needs of your child, give you a tour. We ask that you schedule your tour for the morning as it is less disruptive to our children’s routines.

Our Director can also help you navigate through any questions or concerns you have. She will supply you with relevant information regarding choosing a childcare centre, and how to apply for fee assistance (subsidy) from the government.

Please contact Rachael or Teresa for more information and to book a tour.

Phone: 403.275.0166