Who We Are

We are your child’s community and home away from home.

We are building relationships with a foundation of connection and belonging and know our families and children very well. As a locally owned and operated business, we have enhanced relationships to our neighbourhood, community and city.

Located in Thorncliffe, NW and serving the communities North Haven, Beddington Heights, Huntington Hills, Cambrian Heights and Highland Park in Calgary. Easily accessible from Deerfoot and 64th Ave in the North. We have been providing children with quality care for almost 40 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support children and families to ensure that the early childhood years inspire learning, growth and connection.

We do this in an early learning community that is built on individualized experiences for each child.

Enriched experiences support children to extend their learning, develop a sense of autonomy, interact socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively through positive child guidance and secure attachments.

Our Philosophy

We are an education based child care service that has been helping parents to support the development of their children from an early age and inspire joyful learning.

EduCentre is an early learning community that supports children in extending curiosity, developing autonomy, and building social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative skills through positive, secure relationships and individual attention. Play-based learning experiences, the natural environment and the holistic view of the child are central to the program’s values.

Children participate in enriched experiences in a home-like, safe and engaging environment. The EduCentre is a place of vitality, and the learning and play experiences are co-constructed through relationships with educators, children, families and the community. Each child’s sense of belonging is nurtured through responsive planning that considers the child’s family, social and cultural contexts.

EduCentre provides a caring environment that fosters the well-being and optimal development of each unique child.

Secure, supportive relationships are central to the philosophy. Children are presented with emergent play experiences to explore in an environment specially designed to meet their needs.

Children learn through active participation in the classroom. Observing closely, teachers can effectively reflect how each child develops. Invitations to explore are presented to the children based on these observations. The provocations utilize the environment, a variety of materials, interactions and children are given the time to explore their curiosities. Experiences are open-ended as much as possible and recognize the value and importance of play. Programs are planned to be inclusive and supportive of each child and their unique interests, needs and abilities. Freedom of choice is given as often as possible, and children are supported in developing self-help skills. They are seen as capable and treated with respect.

We advocate for children and families by providing resources, education and information to enhance supportive relationships within the childhood community. Family social and cultural activities are honoured and shared respectfully.

We connect with specialized supports to provide developmentally appropriate education to all children. These include physical, cognitive and social-emotional supports.

Our Values

Some of our values:

  • We encourage children to be the best that they can be
  • We believe children develop self-worth as active learners at play
  • We provide a fun environment to support self-esteem, values, culture, and all areas of development
  • We believe children learn through positive interactions with peers and adults
  • We believe “learning by doing” supports children’s developing skills
  • We believe in a loving, warm and supportive home away from home for you and your child
  • Our philosophy for guidance is pro-active, meaning busy, engaged children have less need for guidance
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