Programs for our Children

Each program varies slightly with the age and capabilities of the children. Learning through play is the foundation of the curriculum at Educentres. Learning through play has been a leading model for early education for many generations.  The program builds on play activities through guidance and interactions with educators. The program model is generated by careful observation of the children and planning is then based on their interests and developmental needs. Activity centres include sand, water, dramatic play, nature, a literacy area, blocks, fine motor toys and art.

Children choose from a variety of developmentally appropriate games, toys and puzzles. We also offer a selection of visitors and experts from the community, including librarians, yoga instructors, and musicians.

A creative program is set to meet the individual needs of each child and is implemented in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and mutual respect, positively impacting behaviour outcomes.

At Educentres we provide daily experiences that foster each child’s physical, social, language, cognitive, emotional and creative development. We nurture each child’s unique potential and create a safe, stimulating learning environment responsive to each child.


From 12 months-  19 months (Toddlers)

Our Pretoddler room provides a a stimulating environment though a sensory based program in which your child can learn and develop. A typical day may include nutritious meals, nap time, singing, dancing, art activities, sand and water play and outdoor time . Throughout the day the children participate in activities that stimulate the five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound.

Caregivers work to ease the transition for new children into the centre by communicating closely with parents about routines, likes, dislikes and any other specific needs of the children.

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From 19 months – 30 months

The Toddler room celebrates a child’s changing abilities and encourages an increasing level of independence, through positive reinforcement. Development of self help skills such as dressing, potty training, and eating are encouraged within the daily schedule. A structured program is implemented to cater to the high energy and busy needs of this age group! A typical day may include free play, circle time and story telling, outdoor time, music and movement, and focused time on self help skills. Interest centres such as sand, water, blocks, dramatic play, art and a quiet reading area are available throughout the day. Caregivers provide daily feedback about the child’s progress to establish a consistent approach for the needs of the child.

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From 30 months – 36 months (flexible)

Our Junior Preschool rooms provides a perfect transition from Toddlers to Preschool. As the older Toddler children transition into this room they will develop their independent skills and learn how to engage more as part of a group. They will work on daily skills to prepare them for Preschool.

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3 years—Junior Kindergarten

The Preschool room lays the foundation for children moving into our kindergarten program. There is an emphasis on problem solving and exploring     new ideas, learning about different cultures, languages, customs and celebrating events and activities that are important to individual children and their families. There is a strong emphasis in this age group on physical activity.  During the week there are opportunities to engage in planned programs in yoga, music and movement, walks and visits to the local park and library. Field trips are planned throughout the year where the children can visit places of interest in the wider community. Emphasis is placed on the children’s interests and caregivers plan their program based on the children’s ideas. This often leads to special interest centres or themed planning. Themed planning integrates all elements of the program including music, stories, blocks, sand, water, creative activities, dramatic play, circle time discussions and field trips.

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The Junior Kindergarten program provides a more structured learning environment for children who are ready to embrace new challenges.

Throughout the day the children will participate in numeracy and literacy activities, problem solving games and fine motor skill development, such as early writing and cutting skills. The children will have the opportunity to work alongside older Kindergarten children to experience and explore new social situations.

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Excel Kindergarten is a full day private Kindergarten Program. This is an ideal structure for families who need full time care for their children while still participating in a Kindergarten program. Our teacher is a fully accredited Early Childhood Professional. We provide small class sizes to allow for more individual attention and a creative learning experience. Our program is based on the key elements of academic learning followed by the Alberta Learning Curriculum. These include Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Social and Emotional development, Art, Music and Drama, Health and Physical Education. The Kindergarten teacher plans specific activities to cater for each child’s needs and abilities. Incorporated into our program are specialized Music and French lessons which are delivered by experienced teachers in that field. Throughout the year parent teacher interviews will take place and progress reports will be issued. We strive to provide children with a firm foundation of Early Education so that they will be able to ‘EXCEL’ as they continue to Grade 1.

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