Registration-Phase 1

Registration requires a large number of forms and appointments. We have broken this into 3 Phases. This is the first, next is more forms and the third is the transition appointments (where you will bring all forms from Phase 2).

1.Please fill out this Contact Form as the first step in our registration process.

2. Please review and complete this Parent Centre Agreement. (We will go over it in detail at your registration appointment)

3. Next, book your registration appointment.

4. Attend registration appointment. This can be in person or over zoom.

5. Send in your completed and signed Parent Centre Agreement, to

6. Pay the $100 registration fee and deposit. (50% of the monthly fee). Please e-transfer to

7. Some families may be eligible for Child Care Subsidy Apply Now ( We are under North Calgary Educentre )

This completes Phase 1 of 3.

Phase 2 is additional forms .

Phase 3 is transition appointments.

Answers to most questions can be found in the Parent Handbook. Connect with us anytime for anything that isn’t covered.

Please take note of our Closure Dates.