We believe in creating a smooth transition for your child from home to our centre.

Research has shown that children who are given time to transition into a program have more secure relationships with their caregivers and are able to regulate cortisol levels more quickly (Gallagher, 2005). We offer transition time to all new families. What this means is that you are able to come and spend some time with your child in the centre to help both you and your child feel more comfortable with the educators, environment and other children before leaving them with us for a full day.

How does this work? Depending on the age of your child and both your comfort level and theirs, this process can take anywhere for a few days to a few weeks.

For the first visit please speak with either Rachael and we will discuss with you your needs. Once the first visit has been arranged we will be better able to gauge how much time you may need for a full, smooth and happy transition.


Gallagher, K. (2005) Brain Research and Early Childhood Development.ProQuest Education Journals