Welcome to our EduCentre Community

Our goal here is to provide a community based, home like environment in which children develop a sense of love, belonging and community.At EduCentre, children of early childhood age can extend their learning, develop a sense of autonomy, interact socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively through positive child guidance and individual attention.
One way we do this is through our partnerships with families. It is important to us that you feel safe and confident about the care your child is receiving. This is why our community has an open door policy to ensure that parents know they are welcome to drop into the classroom, call us or message us at anytime for an update or with questions they may have.
We strive for ongoing open communication and the more information you share with us the better we can plan for your child’s unique needs and abilities. Providing your child’s educators with information ensures the most inclusive classroom possible for your child.
Our Educators are professionals whose background and education always exceeds requirements. All staff are required to have current childcare first aid and CPR. They are committed to professional and personal growth and attend continuing education through the year.
Thank you for seeing the value in a quality program and enrolling your child in EduCentre Early Learning! – Ms. Rachael

Here are some items to ensure you are ready to start with us in the program:

Daycare Readiness Checklist

What to Bring

Monthly Menu

Closure Schedule 2022

Any additional questions can be covered during the transition, or by emailing admin@educentres.com