What you need to know


We have included as many of the questions and details you could ask for in the Parent Handbook. Please let us know if there is anything we haven’t covered.


We strongly encourage families with children of all ages to participate in Transitions. This time is of no charge and helps to build a feeling of safety for your child within the program. Older children typically will not need as much time to transition as our PreToddlers, (or PreToddler parents!) but the suggestions are based on children and families who need a little more time.

What to Bring

Welcome information and a “What to Bring” list are included under each child’s classroom heading. If you are not sure which class your child will be in please call us or email us to confirm.



Junior Preschool



Looking for additional registration forms?  These usually are given to you at your registration appointment. They will need to be submitted prior to your child’s commencement.

We have created a printable resource list for emergency numbers specifically for familes in Calgary. We recommend familes have these numbers available in their homes in the event of an emergency.

Anything we haven’t covered? Connect with us and we will help you out.



Thank you for choosing Educentres.