Winter Clothing

Outdoor play 

Encouraging children to go outside in all types of weather builds resilience and an appreciation for the outdoors. Children need to have sensory experiences with warm and cold, wet and hot, snow and rain to fully develop an understanding of themselves and the natural world.

Being dressed appropriately for the weather is essential for a fun learning experience. 

Winter Clothing

To participate safely in winter weather, it is especially important that children are dressed properly. Layering clothing is the best way to stay warm and comfortable. Water resistant clothing is essential 

Cold: We are trying to keep the children both warm AND dry. 

  • Snowpants- Warm and water proof snow pants are essential for the weather below 0 degrees. One piece snowsuits are great for children under age 3. 
  • Layers- A second layer for the top is recommended. Bottoms can also be helpful but not essential when playing in the yard.
  • Snow/Winter coat- an insulated winter jacket, water-resistant with a weather rating.
  • Snow/winter boots (Rain and Bog type boots do not keep feet warm on very cold days!)
  • Toque or hat
  • Insulated gloves or mittens with waterproof outer layer. Long mittens with a zip are helpful for dressing and so that snow can’t get in around the wrist. 
  • sunglasses (optional) 


  • Label everything!!

Some children have the same or similar items. To reduce confusion please label your child’s clothing (usually on the tags) you can do this using a sharpie or purchase labels (google search daycare labels) 

Indoor Shoes and Extra Set of Clothing

  • Extra set of clothing (or two). We get messy and have accidents. It’s how we learn. (Sock, pants, underwear, shirts and sweaters please)
  • Running shoes to wear indoors. -These should be velcro or slip on please, we encourage children of all ages to start trying to dress independently.